Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a couple last shots

I realized today I never posted my final shots from my photo class; I've GRADUATED!! I learned a TON and have definitely sparked a new hobby. I have loved learning and am looking forward to continuing to improve.
Here are my final shots..... A "real" photo shoot with Ben!


Tara said...


These are *outstanding*! Way to go, mama - A+ work!


Prachar family said...

WOW!! These are great pictures! You did learn lots! I am flunking my class already, haven't done the first assignment. Life is just too chaotic here at the end of the year with class trips, Alayna's birthday coming up, last day of school activities, and baseball ending! Thanks for the motivation to keep pressing on! Great job, what a cutie for a subject too, that doesn't hurt at all!

The Overman Family said...

Did you graduate with honors...those are great pics! Way to go!