Tuesday, October 21, 2008

one heartbeat at a time

ok, so, we're homeschooling this year.
It's the hardest thing I've ever done.
It is stretching me and pushing me in ways I hadn't imagined. Which is probably why God placed it on our hearts so heavily. I'm sure He's using it in myself in ways I hadn't imagined also.
Anyhow, I've been having to remind myself daily, that this is a choice we've made, and that the sacrifices being made to do this will one day reap benefit in my children's lives. At least that's my prayer.
so then today I got in the car to take Abby to preschool (she still goes because we can accomplish alot without her lurking and waiting for them to be done!) and my Steven Curtis Chapman cd starts playing and it's a song I've never listened to called One Heartbeat at a Time. As I listened to these words the tears started rolling down my face. I'm sure my kids think I'm a lunatic.
Anyways, I so appreciated God's timing for me to really hear this now. Today.

One Heartbeat at a Time
You're up all night with a screaming baby
You run all day at the speed of life
And every day you feel a little bit less
Like the beautiful woman you are
So you fall in bed when you run out of hours
And wonder if anything worth doing got done
Well maybe you just don't know
Or maybe you've forgotten
That you, you are changing the world
One little heartbeat at a time
Making history with every touch and every smile
Oh you, you may not see it now
But I believe that time will tell
How you, you are changing the world
One little heartbeat at a time
With every "I know you can do it"
And every tear that you kiss away
So many little things that seem to go unnoticed
They're just like the drops of rain
Over time, they become a river
You're beautiful, so beautiful
How you're changing the world
One little heartbeat at a time.


Leah said...

oh my goodness... i just got goosebumps reading those words. i can't wait to hear the song myself. isn't it cool when God plays a song on the radio just for us? i love it when that happens!

Prachar family said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that encouragement!

Deb said...

Yes! I LOVE that song! I was thinking about playing it at MOPS. Isn't it awesome when God brings the encouragement we need at just the right time? He must be all-knowing or something...

Kurt said...


I had no idea you were homeschooling! That's *huge*! Congratulations! I'd love to hear what you're doing - I'm super curious about homeschooling and wondering what we're going to do this fall for Olaiya...!

Big hugs to you,

sara said...

I love that God spoke to you today! I am sorry I wasn't around....I was having a little day myself!!

Thanks for the song..I am going to download it!

Amy said...

I didn't know you were homeschooling, either! That's a big step and it takes a special and loving person. I'm proud of you. You are an amazing person!!! And I'm going to check out this song pretty soon. Thanks for sharing.