Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer obsession

hmm, can you tell what we're obsessed with this summer?

we took the kids to a Cubs game a couple weeks ago; it was Abby's first game, and all three of them were super excited. It was a ton of fun; we took the train in and did the game, then train back out and did the zoo the next day. We got such an early start the day of the game though that Abby zonked out during the early innings on Jason's lap, and missed her favorite player (Soriano) hitting a homerun. She woke up for plenty of the rest of the game though, and of course in time for some cotton candy, just part of the ballpark experience. Each of the kids had something they were most excited about.....Matthew's was to see D. Lee make an out at first, Ben wanted to get a foul ball (didn't happen but we did come close a couple times) and Abby was just excited to be going to a Cubs game (the boys had been but she hadn't). It was fun to see them enjoying something so much that we enjoy as well.
Hopefully we'll have many more family trips to Wrigley in years to come!

It was a beautiful day, and the Cubs won! What could be better?!


sara said...

I TOTALLY forgot to ask how your trip was!! Geesh, I am a loser! it looks like so much fun! Love the Cubbies!

sara said...

I forgot to ask if you had gotten Elizabeth (Elisabeth?) a new Cubbie outfit while you were there....

I just wanted to say her name so you could see it in print...and start rumors.

I tagged you if you are bored!!