Monday, June 2, 2008

six big years

Matthew turned 6 on May 17th and wanted an all-baseball celebration.
He had 4 boys from his kindergarten class over for wiffle ball in the yard, lunch, pinata, and ice cream sundaes; then later in the day, a family party with cookout and cubs cake.
I'd say he has it pretty good! But so do we....Matthew is such a source of joy to our family. He continues to be very easy-going and laid back about most things. He enjoys baseball, doing puzzles, playing anything with Ben, and music. (those of you who've seen his dance moves can verify, right?) He loves to dance, and his teacher has commented about how shocked she was when she saw this side of him, as he's normally so quiet. But for those of us who know him well, it's no shock; that's probably the more 'normal' side actually.
Anyways, it was a fun celebration and we are so blessed by Matthew's presence.

Happy Birthday Peach!

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sara said...

We heart the cubs too buddy! Happy Birthday!