Tuesday, April 29, 2008

all clear

well, Matthew had his follow up appointment today after his surgery 11 days ago, and he got the 'all clear.' Doctor said everything looks perfect and he can go back to normal activities. Yeah! We made it!!
I keep thinking about last week though; it was possibly one of the longest weeks ever, so hard seeing your child in pain and feeling helpless since I can't fix it; I also started wearing thin on the compassion toward the end of the week. Not that I didn't feel bad for him, I did, terribly, however, being sleep deprived does not do wonders for me emotionally, nor physically. One day last week when Matthew started crying because he wanted goldfish to eat, and knew it would hurt too much, I started crying as well. Not a normal response, obviously, but keep in mind I was extremely tired, and pregnant!
Anyways, something positive did come from last week.... aside from getting the infected parts out of his body, and correcting his snoring like an old man, resulting in more restful sleep for all of us, something even more!
The compassion that I saw from Ben was something I'll treasure forever. Sometime during the week, as Matthew was laid up on the couch, a friend of Ben's came to the door to see if he could go out and play; we asked Ben if he wanted to go, and he replied, "no, I don't want to since Matthew can't." My heart melted. Now, don't get me wrong, they do have their moments as siblings where things aren't so picturesque, but most of the time, they really love each other to death. I posted a couple pictures of things they made for each other during the week; Matthew was missing Ben since he was off at school, and Ben just felt so bad for Matthew, and each day asked 'do you think Matthew's getting better?'
So many things about parenting are so hard, but one thing that I pray will continue is for their relationship to stay so loving and close. What a great support to go through life with. Something about the bond of brothers.


Amy said...

That is so sweet. It brought a tear to my eye. I hope and pray that my boys are as close as yours. Thanks for sharing.

sara said...

Glad to hear that Matthew is ALL CLEAR!! Isn't Ben sweet?! :)