Tuesday, July 17, 2007

feel good on my feet

ok, so I am not really a shoe person. Well, my husband thinks I am, but to the degree of some women I know, who have shoes that match outfits by color, I really am not. I have no red, green, or yellow pumps to go with some dress or skirt. I hardly have any pumps, actually, as I live more for comfort.

but everyone should have a good pair of dress shoes, I think I've been told, and since I have an occassion coming up to wear them, I've been searching high and low. I have bad feet though, which makes buying dress shoes painful, literally. My arches are high and dress shoes genereally have no support....so it's been a process.

I think I've bought about 4 pair, give or take, and have returned all of them after walking around on the carpet in my bedroom for a bit to see how they are. Or I found something really cute online, but who can really buy shoes online, so back they've gone.
But it ended recently, when I visited reliable, standby, go to when you can't find anything, anywhere else, Von Maur. They have good shoes.

I also found a pair of flip flops in the process that I bought simply because they are comfortable and have arch support. I didn't need them at all, but they're comfortable and I've worn them nearly every day since. You can see both below!!