Tuesday, April 24, 2007

valleys and mountaintops

I'm still soaking in all of the messages from my Women of Faith weekend. Today I was reflecting on this talk about how we spend most of the time in our lives, even as believers, living in the valleys of life; busy, hectic, yet ordinary valleys. Of course, occassionally we get the joy of a mountaintop experience;
but also just because we're believers and following God, doesn't mean life will be all perfect, mountaintop moments.
We will struggle and be tested. Testimonies of God's greatness come from our being tested; and then how during those tests we can still find God in it and how He brings us through, growing us along the way.
I hope that as I internalize all I heard that I'm able to apply that concept in my own life more - that in everything life brings my way, valleys or mountaintops, that I am able to look to GOd and find my peace in Him and not my circumstances or surroundings.
What a good reminder.

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