Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fall sports 2011

This has already been such a fun season of fall sports around here. Ben is playing his second year of tackle football. It's 5th/6th graders. It has been so amazing and fun to see him as a leader on the team...all his buddies as the 6th graders this year have really stepped up their games and it's been quite impressive! He has the good fortune of playing on a team with several of his closest friends, which makes it that much sweeter for him.
He's playing wide receiver, running back, and defensive linebacker. Just this past weekend he had his best runs yet, and had a great 15-20 yard run (nevermind that it got called back for a holding penalty), and a few plays later, a 20-yard catch as a receiver.
It's been fun for him to have some success this year as last year he was much more timid, and at wide receiver, had only one pass thrown to him all.season.!!

Matthew is playing his first year of competitive soccer. He joined a year-round team that plays league games and also some tournaments, and indoor over the winter. He's having a great time with it and his skills are improving all the time. Jason and I know virtually nothing about soccer though, so it's funny how quiet we are at games!

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