Sunday, May 29, 2011

crazy spring

I have been absent for so long, but should know better than to try blogging this time of year.
We've been swamped here with baseball games like you can't believe; add to that a birthday and all that comes with it - party, treats for school, treats for team; track and field day at school, piano recitals, poem readings, science fair, AND potty training Emily!!....on top of all of our regular appointments and practices.
anyways, its no wonder I've been preoccupied!

But I had to surface to get this post in for my journal purpose and I just couldn't wait til June to post about Matthew's birthday from mid-May.

Matthew turned 9 this year and continues to be a delightful child. He is the mellow one of the bunch; happy-go-lucky kid, carefree most of the time. He loves music (techno!?), math, and baseball. He had a party with some friends at a local sports facility....they played dodgeball, football and baseball and he thought it was a blast.

Here's many of the spring events in pics.....


Football and Fried Rice said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew (Or Mattman as Emily would say!) Love the cake pops! Aren't you thankful God blessed you with a mellow child?!

Valerie and Jeff said...

I've heard about those "Cake Balls" recently and that they are VERY good! LOVE them made into baseballs! Not seen that before. Did you do that yourself? How very cool. Glad to hear you posting again, yes, this is a crazy time of year to try to keep up with this isn't it? So glad that Matthew is an easy going child, they are such a blessing aren't they! All your children are hitting beautiful milestones it looks like, hope all continues to go well!