Thursday, February 24, 2011

abby's payoff

Abby has been doing competitive all-star cheer for just under a year now. When she started she could do a cartwheel, but not the greatest.
She has absolutely taken to this like a fish to water and Jason and I have so enjoyed seeing her doing and having found something that she loves so much!
We're total cheer parents now! And we love it! She smiles so big through her routine and around the house is practicing ALL.the.time!!! She is rarely standing up without doing a heel stretch.
Anyways, every chance she gets she asks to go to tumbling...Extra drop-in tumbling sessions are optional and she opts to go a couple times a week.
Well, tonight at practice, all her hard work paid off and I just couldn't be any more proud of her. Jason wasn't there to see it, so I took this video to send him immediately and he said when he watched he got choked up he was so proud! It's not the greatest quality as I took it with my non-iPhone phone....but....
She really has worked so hard to get this. Way to go, Abby. Keep believing you can do it! ;)