Monday, January 25, 2010

I've been waiting

I've been waiting to share this post. Actually, I've been dreaming about this very post for months and months.  I thought that it would be to announce the addition of a certain little orphan girl that we had been sponsoring at New Day Foster Home in China, whom we went on to paperchase for, and try to adopt. But that all ended sadly in August when we learned that her file went to another agency. I tried rejoicing in the fact that she was no longer an orphan, and that she had a family, but the fact is that I was heartbroken that it wasn't our family that God had chosen for her. 

I've "met" blog friends and read others' stories on this journey who have been through this and who have told the story as in the book, "The Strength of Mercy," about God leading you to a particular child, through the loss of another's file. And it seems as though we are there!

Last week, for the first time, we saw the face of our daughter. We accepted her referral just shy of a week ago, on January 20th. She is adorable and has made our entire family weak in the knees in such a short time. We are not allowed to share pictures of our baby girl just yet--we must get official approval from China first. This whole post may have come as a bit of a shock to you, as many may not even know that adoption is something that has been on our hearts for about the past five years.

But please rejoice with us in the addition of Jenna Ming Qi to our family. She will turn 2 years old on June 1st, and hopefully we'll be traveling to China to pick her up shortly thereafter. (probably July). She's just 3 weeks older than Emily, so life around here is about to get just a little bit crazier! I can't wait!

Lots more to come!!

"I sing for joy at the works of your hands..." Psalm 92:4


Rocío said...

Dear family! The only thing I can say is that even I
don´t really know you I feel really happy for you and also for this Jenna Ming Qi. As I see my niece I can assure you she is in good hands right now , they take care and stimulate these children. So please don´t worry.

Love, Rocío and Lu MIng Wei

Leah said...

eak!!!!! SO awesome!

Prachar family said...

Woo hoo! Yes it will be a crazy, fun, wouldn't-change-a-thing-about-it-time!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about your new baby girl and chatting as we both prepare to travel and bring little ones home! We're so excited!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Can't wait to see Jenna Ming Qi home forever!

Jenna said...

Well, I guess now I know why you are interested in my story!!! :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so thrilled for you!!!