Friday, August 21, 2009

"look out kindergarten, here I come"

The title above are the words spoken by Abby herself on the eve of the first day of school. She has been SO super excited to go to kindergarten.
The boys are homeschooling for one more year, but we knew that sending Abby was the right thing for her. And she had no hesitation about going.
The morning of the first day, we were snuggling in bed and after I told her I couldn't believe she was going to kindergarten, she told me, "well Mom, I'm growing up. And kindergarten is just part of growing up." She's such a riot.
She also got glasses recently, to our surprise. You can see below that she looks great in them. She was a little nervous about it at first, wondering if the other kids would think she looked "weird". She asked me if I thought she would look like a scientist. I assured her she could still look 'cool' in glasses.
Anyways, the first day went off without a hitch. Glasses and all. She was so excited and had a great day. Was even looking forward to going back for 'day 2', as she told me when she woke up today; always a good sign!


sara said...

And here I was distracted by her adorable braid. Whatever.

Glad Abs had a good first & second day!

And the glasses ARE cool :)

Prachar family said...

I love those grown up things they say! She is so precious! Glad her first day was good!