Friday, June 26, 2009

one big year

One year ago today our little miracle baby, Emily Grace, entered the world.
She captured our hearts quickly and has continued to add spice to our lives in a way we'd never experienced. I'm always amazed at the capacity of my heart to grow and love in a way I didn't know it could. God is so good!
Emily is a ton of fun. Our first 'strong-willed' child, and the busiest one of the bunch. She's got sparkling blue, breathtaking eyes, a sweet sweet smile and no fear in the water. Though a ton of it when it comes to strangers! She is walking, almost running. Babbling lots, and she adores her siblings. She follows them around. She dances on command, and pretends to 'talk' on the phone (by holding it up to her ear if you say 'hello'). She's at a very fun age.
Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you.

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