Thursday, November 13, 2008

cooking with the girls

ok, it still sounds SO strange to be able to say, 'the girls'. Holy cow, there's more than one! It's awesome! Of course, I always said 'the boys,' but usually 'the boys and Abby'.... wild.

anyways, back on track. Abby loves to help cook, bake, mix, pour, anytime I'm making anything. I usually try to let her have a job. Even if it's simple, or one stir or whatever. It makes her feel helpful. And I've been putting Emily in the carrier while I get dinner ready, but now she's started grabbing for everything. It makes me a little nervous for her burning her hands, so I have my arms way stretched out in front of me..... oh the things we mothers do!

here's a couple fun pics of late. I picked up this cute chefs outfit for Abby (and it's got a cupcake on it, which is so appropriate) at Kohl's on supersale for $6.


sara said...

I love it. LOVE it. I love your "girls"! I can't believe how big Miss Emily is getting - what a chunky monkey - i was right about the "baby legs"!!!

and I LOVE the apron :=)

Prachar family said...

LOVE it! Adorable chef outfit...the cute kid in it helps too! I still picture Emily a tiny newborn...she is so big!

Amy said...

Can't believe how big Emily is getting!!! Love the pics. "Your girls" will love these memories! You are such a great mom! :)