Saturday, September 13, 2008

iowa vs. iowa state


sara said...

Aww - no words needed!! Now, both you & Jas graduated from Ames, right? Hard to live in the Hawkeye State and not be overtaken, isn't it??

I love those baby feet!!!!

vicki said...

i'm the only one who graduated from state; i still display a "house divided" sign for ISU/Iowa weekend, though I really don't even follow the clones much anymore. it's been a slow, gradual conversion, much to the dismay of my fellow state alums!

Amy said...

Traitor! No, I'm kidding. How can you live in Iowa City and not cheer for the Hawks? I barely watched the game this year. Funny what happens when you have a toddler and a newborn! :-) Hope all is well with you guys.