Friday, August 8, 2008

one tough cookie

it's been a few weeks since this occurred and I've been meaning to blog it ever since but I've had few truly free moments to spend time at the computer aside from checking in on what everyone else is up to!
Ben had to have five teeth pulled this summer, at the request of the orthodontist, to make more space in his little mouth for his adult teeth to come in. The dentist has been telling us for years at regular checkups that he's awfully crowded, and it finally led to this.
Anyhow, I was a nervous wreck about this, because Ben has never had any dental work done other than cleanings. No cavities, hence, no need for numbing shots and such.
When we found out this needed to happen, we (via the orthodontist) gave him the choice of seeing our regular family dentist and having 4 shots to numb each area, or going to someone new, a pediatric dentist and having laughing gas to make him a little out of it and then he wouldn't care about the shots. Knowing Ben and how neurotic he is about some things, I thought for sure he'd choose the latter. But being the creature of habit and familiarity that he is, he chose to see our family dentist.
As a side note, Ben has wanted to be a dentist for the last few years. I was also pretty sure that this experience may nix that idea as well.
So, the day comes, in the chair he goes. He asked Jason to come back with him and said he was a little nervous. This was my fear, and I was expecting all out meltdown-freak-out incident. But when the assistant came out and told me I could go back, I asked, 'how did it go? how did he do?' she replied, "oh, SUPER. A+++."
I seriously couldn't believe it. It may have been one of my prouder moments thus far! Especially since I was so expecting the opposite end of the spectrum.

Way to go, Ben! Apparently he's a lot tougher than we thought!

And here's his new smile that we're still getting used to!

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Prachar family said...

Your tough cookie looks cute with those gaps!! Way to go Ben!!