Monday, March 3, 2008

"where dreams come true"

Well, we made it! We've been on the vacation of a lifetime to Disney World with the kids.
We planned this trip many many months ago, before we knew we were expecting. But I'm so glad we had, and that we made the trip while our kids are the ages they are.
It really was magical, even for the adults! Everyone has asked me what my favorite part was, and I think it was just that the kids still "bought into it." They all enjoyed seeing the characters, and they all fell for the animation of 3D movies we saw. There are a few things that are etched in my head that I know I will remember forever, and those memories made the trip so worth it for me.
It was a little hard planning for it, we hadn't been there since Jason and I were kids ourselves, so we kinda went into it blindly; but we now have lots of tips for any of you thinking of making the trek!! We had a wonderful time together, the week went by way too fast, and we are still recovering from the exhaustion!
I've included some pictures, though I took so many, it was hard to choose, but it's some of the kids' favorite things from the trip.

there aren't many of us altogether, so I had to include this one!

Abby with Cinderella in the castle for lunch after her 'princess makeover'

Ben was so excited to have gone on this "mega" rollercoaster, Everest, with Jason

Matthew's favorite character turned out to be Pluto

The boys wanted to take this one for Uncle Brian, with the army guy from Toy Story

We made it back home, though no one wanted to return!


Amy said...

That sounds and looks like a wonderful "dream vacation". I've said it before and I'll say it again ... your kids have the best parents in the world. Not just because of trips but because of all the special memories and little things you always do together. :-)

vicki said...

you are far too kind!