Wednesday, January 9, 2008

death drain

If you're not familiar with Death Drain, it's from Guitar Hero III, and where have you been?? No, seriously though, the video game "people" are onto something here; of the handful of families I know that have bought this game 'for their kids,' the adults are equally addicted and determined to move through easy to medium level, and maybe even one day, EXPERT?? (yeah, right!) Our family is no better either; the boys chose to get this 'for dad' for his birthday. Alterior motives? Ya think? He does play it just as much as they do though!

Anyways, addictiveness aside, it's super fun and even me and my close friend Laura have dueled, bringing us to the infamous Death Drain. I won't say who won, it doesn't matter to girls. But it was a RIOT to hear our families and mainly husbands YELLING at us that our families' honor was on the line with our performance, and other specifics about how to do what we were supposed to do. "Pull the whammy bar, star power," and whatever else....Surprisingly, being the multi-tasker moms that we are, it really made it hard to concentrate and we tried our best to just block it out.

Matthew is the most impressive 'rocker' in our house so far; Ben can play well too, but Matthew is up, dancing and literally rockin' while he plays. That's one coordinated little dude!

So, if you haven't tried it, go check a local WalMart to see if they have it on display and give it a may discover hidden 'talent'!


ljk said...

I'm not even sure I remember who won the "death drain" between us!! I sit here writing this, guess what my husband is doing in the other room!? Must be "practicing" for the next get together!!LOL

LINDA said...

Mallory got one of those and we watched her play it with her step-dad. They were really into it but to be honest-----Mike and I were not turned on by this. OMGGG---we are old!!!!!!